Naked Makeout

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SMOKING HOT BLOND GODDESS ENJOYS "NAKED MAKEOUT" TIME!!!! ALLURE'S PARENTS WON'T BE HOME FOR AN HOUR. TIME FOR NAKED MAKEOUT WITH HER BOYFRIEND!!! THEY KISS AND MAKE-OUT FURIOUSLY AS THEY GET NAKED!! THEN BARE-NAKED ALLURE PULLS ALL HIS BOY GOO OUT OF HIM!!!! Allure's alone in Her Bedroom with Her boyfriend.....and Her Parents won't be home for an hour. So....Guess what time it is????..... It's NAKED MAKEOUT TIME!!!! Allure and Her boyfriend start to Kiss and Make-Out they slowly take turns removing one article of clothing at a time. When they are Naked....Allure's boyfriend wants to stick his thing inside Her ( Why do boys always want to do that when they see us Naked???). Allure reminds Her boyfriend that She is a Jerky Girl...and She just wants to enjoy NAKED MAKEOUT TIME. He pleads and pleads with Her.....( We have all the Power when we take our clothes says that "Just this once""....She will put his thing in Her mouth....only "For a little bit" a special treat. Allure Sucks Her boyfriend's cock, and he gets Super Excited!!! But,.... Since Allure is the one with the Pussy....SHE makes the Rules.....and NAKED MAKEOUT ends with Allure sitting on top of Her boyfriend and Jerking the cum out of him