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American / Las Vegas
400 5.0
11:59 min - Sep 29 - .MP4 - 1.31 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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What an amazing view your gorgeous naked hand going inside that lucky ass. Dreaming same video just using your foot instead. Going inside a lucky man ass. Showing your toes, then your full foot, differetn angles, to see also the foot soles go inside. If you can do it wearing sheer pantyhose would be a total outstanding masterpiece. Only an idea. love xxx

Fethry deleted - Top reviewer Nov 17
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One lucky guy, well, except the pink socks and restraints :)

Velour_Valnor - Top reviewer Sep 30 2017
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Awesome, Bobbi really know how to take care of her sub. A pleasure to watch it

BobbiDylan Oct 9 2017

thanks hun xoxo!

I go over to visit my good sub Marcy and get to loosen and play with his butt, of course I get a nice good stretch in and get all five fingers in. Watch to see what happens after some fisting the newest trick Marcy can do