Craigslist Ad

11:30 min - Oct 26 - .WMV - 682.09 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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OUR CRAIGSLIST AD ATTRACTED A WHOLE CROWD!!! WE PLACED AN AD ON CRAIGSLIST TO FIND BOYS WE COULD GANG JERK!! THE AD WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!!! A WHOLE CROWD SHOWED UP AT OUR DOOR!! WE PICKED ONE VICTIM...AND SHOT HIM IN THE HEAD WITH HIS OWN CUM!! Things were slow one day at the Jerky Girls Massage we decided to put an Ad on Craigslist..... offering GANG JERKS......and guess what?.....the Ad worked!!!! there was a whole lineup of stupid boys outside!!! We were sooooooo pleased!! Barbie grabs one of the stupid boys out of the crowd....and brings him inside so all of us Girls can Attack him....and Jerk him Off!!!! Our Craigslist Ad worked like a charm!!! We Milk him GOOD! Sayla even made sure he stayed quiet during the GANG JERK....because we HATE it when boys talk....they are only good for one thing, after all...... letting us Jerk them Off!!! Barbie Pulls the trigger on this moron....causing him to Shoot himself in the head!!! You have to see it.....a Gang of Girls causing a boy to cum all over his own face & head!!! We just love Craigslist!!! Make sure you answer our next Ad