Kailey Pays a Debt with Her Ass

3,152 5.0

Kailey Ketchum

American / California
3,152 5.0
6:46 min - Sep 29 - .MP4 - 270.26 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Boozeboobsandbud - Top reviewer Mar 29
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One of Kailey's finest videos. Not only does she have a fantastic figure, she put together a well made video and her sexy co stars did an equally phenom-anal job. Easily one of my most favorite videos

Thanks so much for the review! So happy you liked it! 😊

sunny_793 - Top reviewer Oct 11 2017
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Fantastic Video! Love the Cumplay at the End!

AndrewCW - Top reviewer Oct 5 2017
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So incredibly hot. Loved every moment of it. This is definitely worth grabbing XD

This is a VERY rare anal scene that I did with Erock and Emma's Secret Life! I hardly ever do anal, so I hope you guys appreciate this one. ^_^ Kailey owes Emma money, but still hasn't come up with the sum to pay her back. Emma knew that flaky Kailey wouldn't have it, so she brought a friend along to get the payback she's been seeking. Emma tells Kailey that she can either give her her money, or get fucked in the ass by her friend. Having no money to pay Emma back with, Kailey opts for the latter option and invites them into the bedroom. With no time wasted, Kailey is being fucked HARD in the ass. It's payback after all, and it's not supposed to be sensual and gentle. Kailey screams as she feels the huge cock stretch her asshole, all the while while Emma is telling him to fuck Kailey even harder and spank her round little ass hard. Kailey eventually accepts her fate and lays back to enjoy the pounding she's taking. Erock cums in Kailey's ass, and Emma sucks it out and makes Kailey taste it