2b from Nier turned into your fuck doll

38,642 5.0


38,642 5.0
20:03 min - Oct 14 - .MP4 - 1.72 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Holy hell sexy-ass boots on that cosplay!  You do 2B more than justice, definitely must purchase this!

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Easily one of Hidori's best videos, the roleplay is really hot and the extra details like the text are awesome. On top of that the 2B cosplay is amazing as always. I highly recommend this video.

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There's not much that needs to be said, you get to watch 2B become a willing sex slave and get a creampie.

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very sexy vid with moaning and changing of a personality during the vid. The twerking is amazing

2b meets a human for the first time for a secret mission. As soon as she sees him a slave protocol overrides her and she is made to do as she's told no matter what. The human male assures her it is all part of the mission and tells her there is no point in opposing. He then starts to give her some very dirty commends and she feels something is wrong. 2b tries to resist at first but she soon finds out she really can't. All is left now is to try and finish the job. She's ordered to talk dirty but she doesn't know how but soon feels herself getting wet and starts to beg for cock. Includes: sex doll roleplay , blowjob, boy/girl fucking in various positions, 2b cosplay , big creampie . I decided to use text instead of a male voice so you can insert yourself better in the fantasy
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