Amy blows a Fan! First BJ on cam

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Amy Villainous

American / Seattle
19,608 5.0
14:39 min - Oct 02 - .MP4 - 958.83 MB - 1920x1080 HD

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New fan vids up for grabs? ;)

kidbehemoth Dec 22 2017

Can I PLEASE send an audition tape?!?

sucram Oct 22 2017

Do you have any plans on a pov titfucking vid?

ILUVCURVES Oct 21 2017

Does that extend to fans in the UK???

BuryMeAlive Oct 10 2017

Luckiest man on earth!

Torykitty Oct 9 2017

I wonder if she would entertain the idea of "Fans" for a blowbang... Good lawdy this hawty is gonna break the internet.

Sparkenstein Oct 6 2017

How have I not noticed after following your work for this long that you have a Last Unicorn tattoo?

Anyways, I absolutely love this video, and the moment you started making these videos, I'd hope this would happen someday. I didn't think it'd be this soon. Thank you so much!

Rtnow78 Oct 6 2017

Ummm I’m a fan Amy

Rickparker21 Oct 3 2017

I'm a huge fan tol

nastynerd Oct 3 2017

One lucky fan. Damn you look good

Deadmau545 Oct 3 2017

Amy, if you do a POV titjob you'll probably wreck the internet! XD sincerely

Amy Villainous Oct 3 2017

I will work on it!

negromante88 Oct 4 2017


negromante88 Oct 2 2017


Amy Villainous Oct 2 2017

I know, right!

XMiguel Oct 2 2017

Should have been POV....

Amy Villainous Oct 2 2017

I wanted that, but didn't have the right camera/chair to do it comfortably without my friend having to hold the camera high over his head the entire time. If you'd like to contribute to my 'Fund Me', proceeds for that are going towards a loveseat that will work well for POV. :)

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dharmajugs Oct 4 2017
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Surprised to see Amy V. venturing into hardcore, but her first video is exceedingly hot in any case. There's a single camera angle throughout, with a nice view of her lush tattooed porcelain-skinned shoulder and mega-breasts, but of course mainly featured here is Amy's expert oral skills. Lots of cock worship and repeated deep throating ensue, as she takes every inch into her sucking mouth. A pleasant surprise: there is a minute or two of TF action occuring as well; the lucky 'fan' gets to ride Amy's glorious jugs before grabbing her head and finally unloading himself onto her face. All in all, great stuff. Would've liked more response from the guy, as it seems almost absurd seeing all this masterful ball-draining effort from Amy, with nary a grunt or moan from him until the very end. But as for the lass herself: 110%.

bigdave091 Oct 8 2017
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I loved it lucky dude must have been awesome.

porkdog - Top reviewer Oct 6 2017
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Even with only one cam angle this vid is hot as fuck.

superNova421 - Top reviewer Oct 3 2017
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I never thought I would see a Bg video from you! This video is AMAZING!!!! So sexy and sensual!!! Exceptional bj skills!!! A must-buy for sure!!!! Great show and great performance! Good quality and really like the positioning of the camera. The camera angle is perfect! We could see everything very well. What a tremendously hot video! Bravo!

My first ever BJ on camera! I got to have a little fun with a big fan of mine and show him some appreciation for his support. He gets to watch me slobber all over his cock and give me a nice facial at the end
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