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When Seducing Stepson GOES WRONG

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40,620 5.0
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Infamous_czar - Top reviewer Oct 5
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Berpl starts out as the step mom just trying to seduce her step son from there it definitely takes a wild turn. Berpl went all out in this one with many toys and cream pies! She's even got some amazing squirting in this one, this is a video that fills so many fetishes I think it's very well done and I'll be watching many more times! Do yourself a favour and buy this video you'll love it and you'll make Berpl smile her wonderful smile!

Buttdumplins - Top reviewer Dec 4
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Your nipples are phenomenal and watching fun ooze out your sweet holes makes me ooze

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She just keeps going and going. The roleplay combined with the costume and props makes the vid one of the best I've ever seen!

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Such a naughty mommy as always!! Such an amazing video from the lovely Princess ❤️

MarcB1011 - Top reviewer Oct 4
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I have to admit that this story line is a little rough, but very kinky. Berpl looks absolutely delicious as she's used and abused by her fantasy step son. Although it's not tagged she has some strong squirts. So yummy... (^_-)

Thank you :D

This video is very similar to my "Twitch Slut" videos and it is the solo version of "Blackmailing Stepmon Into Anal." So there's lots of blackmail & roleplay that is not meant for the faint-hearted. - I put on this bikini to show off for my stepson. I thought he'd want a simple handjob or maybe grope my breasts - I had idea it would turn into sex! Now my own stepson is taking photos of me while I'm overflowing with creampies to try to gain even more leverage. If he sends them to my coworkers or husband I will never be able to live it down. My entire life will be ruined. So for now I have to be his perfect fuckdoll and do as he says... I've never even had sex with the lights on before and here I am trying anal for the first time with my own stepson. I'm so ashamed
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