HD Sensual Taboo: Daddy's Fantasy

1,663 5.0

Bunnie Hughes

American / The Ship Serenity
1,663 5.0
13:17 min - Nov 17 - .MP4 - 375.21 MB


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seanh_97 - Top reviewer Nov 22
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Wow, some of the best ageplay ive ever seen!

makmak Nov 19
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Bunnie combines her world class ageplay acting skills with some creative editing that makes this vid rival any made by a team of experts. If you love daddy vids, this one will blow your mind. Be forewarned, this one will make you want a custom from her so bad you might take out a loan to buy one. No one can do a better little girl roleplay than this young lady.

Sasuke9211 - Top reviewer Nov 17
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Your dirty talk is always so insanely sexy! I love the slow and sensual build up!

I narrate your deepest, darkest, most taboo and unspeakable desires as I undress myself for you. I touch myself all over, and tell you all about your wildest fantasy of fucking that beautiful young girl in your life. You'll be surprised how accurate I am at describing your first time with that sweet, innocent little one. Your cock will jump up at the words I speak, so concise and erotic that this video will bring you the satisfaction you've sought for so many years in just a few simple minutes. And while it satisfies you for the moment, this sensual, erotic, sexual simulation and narration video, you will crave your darkest addiction even more and become steadfast in your need to fill up her tiny tight holes. I use multiple angles from up close and far away. Please leave a 5-star rating if you enjoy it. -Bunnie Warning: content is graphically descriptive and taboo in nature and therefore potentially offensive to some viewers