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Here’s the thing, loser. I just love being mean. I always have been, even back at school when I was bullying nerds, just like you. I was always hot and bratty, even back then. Cunty is how I’d describe my personality. And you love it. You love my arrogance, you love that I know exactly how hot I am and you especially love that I know just how to treat little dweebs like you. I know exactly how to transform guys like you into weak, desperate simps who would do anything to please me. I have you doing exactly what I say at the click of my fingers. Humiliating men comes naturally to me, it brings me great joy using my cunty energy to bring you all down to your rightful level. I’m not ashamed of being a cunt, it’s something I’m proud of. I’m powerful, manipulative and intelligent and you are a slave to my cunty behaviour.

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