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Facesitting, CBT & Ruined Orgasm with Nurse Jojo & Charlie

27 Views · feb 12, 2024
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*Roleplay* Beasty is visiting the nurse's office for a bruised testicle again! He's low key excited to find that he'll be examined by not one but TWO sexy nurses in hot outfits. He didn't quite expect Nurse Charlie and Nurse JoJo to have such unorthodox methods. They're looking to wreck his balls even further with hits and squeezes then take a sample of his semen. Beasty does his best to stay still all the way til he orgasms by Jojo's hands! While disoriented after the procedure, they have one more method of healing for him. Jojo squirts all over his face. Beasty swallows and absorbs it. Such a wild visit to the nurse's office, but I hope you enjoyed it as much as Beasty!

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