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After seeing my subs ugly little maggot between his legs, I decide there is nothing fun to do with it other than inflict pain on it and humiliate my sub in all manner of ways. You will see through this series of clips, the humiliation I put him through during my Humiliation Roulette game I play with him in the dungeon. If you ever wondered what my genuine sadistic laugh sounded like then this is the clip that shows it off. Watch me in my element, laugh my head off as I continue to verbally ab$se my sub about his ugly tiny prick, cover his balls in clothes pegs and make him shake with all his might to get them to come off, and when he struggles, I pull them and laugh right in his face as I enjoy the sounds of pain, groaning and wincing from him. I even make things harder for him as i get on his back and ride him like a pony as he is still trying to shake off all the pegs for me which hurt him as they pull on the skin and mass of pubes he has around his ugly dick