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So, that was first performance of our Sunday party;) With Lisse we had short rope time (you can find dark phtoset of it), and here she opened her kinky side. That was her first space. I felt her emotions by myself, and I think we will have ropes often now. Short feedback from her: To begin with, of course, I was a little worried, it was exactly the excitement of anticipation. And when I had already taken my place under the bamboo, everything really fell into place. Especially the first push to painfully pleasant sensations begins from the moment when you fix the upper part of the body and it turns out that it receives more weight. And another moment was before when you lifted both my legs in a frog pose. Indeed, everything went as it should, hands did not get stuck. The thoughts of the left were not, there were only emotions and just focusing on you and emotions. Again there was this terrific state of air-water space, magnetization to the partner. This time, in the end there was a stronger desire to finish not only on the ropes. And every knot was tied with almost love ???? The less clothes I wear, the better I feel the rope, it's fabulous) and of course, I get a lot of pleasure from your touch), even in the middle of the action, teardrops flowed from happiness, because I do not want to hold back a smile or feelings From the first ropes I was afraid that I will be closed and will not be able to give a response, but kink that in the process there is no place for doubts or meetings, everything is natural and proceeds by itself) Thank you so much for today's fabulous evening. Indeed, this is hard to compare with something More videos you can find here:
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