Initiating Tayler: Human Sundae Style



American / Atlanta, GA
20:08 min - Oct 08 - .MP4 - 104.89 MB


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I’ve been into WAM for a long time, and there’s nothing like getting to initiate a first-timer to the wonderful world of WAM. This time, Tayler gets it and I make sure I initiate her properly. I dress her in an American flag bikini while I tie her to a chair in the bathtub. After she’s secured, I start by pouring chocolate syrup on her. Since just choclate syrup isn’t messy enough for a proper initiation to the WAM world, I add strawberry syrup, whipped cream, whipped cream pies, Neapolitan ice cream, and sprinkles. This is part 1 of 2. In part 2, listed here as Tied and Turned Into a Human Sundae, you’ll see what happens when she gets me back
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