Freebie Tuesday

Hair Pregnant Middle Eastern Princess

48:15 min - Oct 05 - .MOV - 1.30 GB - 1280x720 HD


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Pregnant & hairy, Moana Lott shows it all right out of the gate. Big dark nipples & a bush that simply does not quit. Gets into a sparkly dark dray dress that surely shows her curves like never before... Does her intro a bit deeper into the session than we are used to. Bending, flexing, some tit play & lots of views of her body from various angles. Getting out of the dress. Bobbie wiggles, & variations on that. Single jumps. They do little circles. Slow motion. This clip really is all about motion of the breasts. Moves into a satin blue bra with white spots. Plays with a fantasy cloth. Gets into a dance outfit that pops the belly right out there. Barely covers the nipples. Her bush spreads far & wide beyond the cover that the pussy portion could ever cover. Single & double nipple flicking towards the end. Nipple pulling. Gets 100% naked. Then marches center stage to try on a new outfit with more of a leopard print theme. Pulls & tugs on her pussy hair a bit. Gets naked again & walk off the stage. Spreads lotion on her breasts & rubs it in. Then some on her belly. Crotchless red satin panties with black trim. See-thru for the butt. Squats to the ground. On her back with various positions for her legs & incredible pussy views for a multitude of angles. Legs behind her head. Puts on the matching top for her panties. See-thru for most of it. Plays with her nips & boobs to the end. On her back again. Nipple licking with closeups. More nipple licking & legs spreads. Sits up & undoes her top. Bending forward on all fours. Great belly & boob views. Wiggles them. Wide open mouth with a satisfied look on her face. (She loves to tease & dominate)! Pregnant in pantyhose. This scene is so hot if this is your fetish. Puts on the beige pantyhose & pulls it way past her belly button almost the bottom of her breasts. We take the opportunity to view her lush body from all angles. Takes the pantyhose off & walks away with her bush very visible. Gets into a deep purple dress with a rear zipper. Pops her boobs out & pulls it just below the bottom of her breasts. Nipple play in both normal & slow motion speeds. Wiggling while bending over. Hairy pussy flash. Takes the dress off & throws it at you. A red dress with a black liner. Nipple reveals for both sides. Pussy reveal when she lifts the dress. Off with the red dress & onto a white one with gold accents. More pussy play. Some hair play as she flings her hair from the ground all the way back. Ends with her yellow bikini which has black & white trim. She removes the bottom & walks off