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Mom Helps Son Win A Scholarship Part 2


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So a couple weeks back i was really worried about how i was playing. i needed to do my best if i wanted any chance at winning a scholarship, i told mom how worried i was and she had an idea. she offered to reward me every Friday night after the game if i did good, i didn't really know what type of reward shed have in mind but i agreed. i came home after than nights game and i was awesome, we won the game and i told mom i was ready for my reward. when she told me my reward was a handjob from my own mother my jaw nearly hit the floor, i always thought my mom was hot but i never thought that this would happen. so i did it, i got a handjob from my hot mom and it was amazing! well its been a few weeks and ive been playing great every Friday night and every Friday night after the game my sexy mom has been stroking my cock. this week is a little different, we just won a playoff game and are headed to state! so i figured i should ask for a special reward, and boy did i get it. my beautiful mom sucked mom cock topless AND let me cum in her mouth. i cant wait to see what i get if i win state next week!!! This part 2 in Mom Helps Son Win A Scholarship, this is a Blowjob Scene Shot POV Starring Dede