American Pie, Squirting on a Kitchen

1,112 5.0

Milana May

Los Angeles
1,112 5.0
15:11 min - Oct 05 - .M4V - 1.07 GB - 1920x1080 HD

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this is the best what i saw on MV! Girl keep doing it ^.^:x

Thanks babe) next question is how to deliver it to people) i'm noob in it)

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This is the real deal. In every way, shape and form this is one of the best made scenes I’ve ever seen. It looks like it could easily be a part of a real movie, content aside. The lighting, camera work, performance and editing are superb. Milana is someone I was unfamiliar with but after seeing this, I don’t want to go back to not knowing. She’s extremely beautiful and sexy. The way she glistens is like art. She captivates the screen and your attention, all by herself, doing wonderful things to herself. She has a playful, passionate aura around her and she lets it shine. I love her voice and cadence. Voiceover was a great touch. I’m so thoroughly impressed with everyone involved in making this, especially Milana. She is definitely someone to look out for and take pleasure in. I will be buying more of her work when I’m able. BUY THIS VIDEO!!

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I can say for sure that this is my new favorite video. The quality is fantastic. Milana's performance is absolutely incredible. This video is truly worth the purchase.

I like cooking but sometimes things going out when i thinking too much about... you know) Milk and honey on my tight pussy feels so good! and of course my favorite black dildo is always around. Food fetish, masturbation and some background story with my own voice over can't wait to hear your opinion and feedback) and of course there is small surprise at the end where i'm doing insane REAl squirt couple times! enjoy