Fetish Friday

Highly Arched Foot Flirting

401 5.0

Ariel Anderssen

British / UK
401 5.0
32:24 min - Oct 05 - .MOV - 978.69 MB


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It's the best apartment to live in, she tells you that there are other girls in the block, who walk barefoot and on tiptoes, it's a paradise! (even the cat is very well fed).
You'll see Miss Anderssen tiptoeing around the apartment, hypnotizing you with her demi pointe ballet feet, beautiful long toes, super high arches and wrinkled soles.

This video will blow your mind.

I'm showing you around an apartment in the same block where I live. Would you like to be my neighbour? Well, let me tell you a little about living here. It's very clean. VERY clean, actually it's so clean that I never wear shoes when I'm in the building. I'm always barefoot, walking on my tiptoes, like the ex-ballet dancer that I am. I practically never come down off demi-pointe! And, since I can tell you like the look of my highly arched bare feet with their long toes, wrinkled soles and scarlet pedicure, I start telling you about what kind of neighbour I'd be. A very, VERY attentive one, who shares your foot fetish