Freebie Tuesday

Highly Arched Foot Flirting


Ariel Anderssen

British / UK
32:24 min - Oct 05 - .MOV - 978.69 MB


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I'm showing you around an apartment in the same block where I live. Would you like to be my neighbour? Well, let me tell you a little about living here. It's very clean. VERY clean, actually it's so clean that I never wear shoes when I'm in the building. I'm always barefoot, walking on my tiptoes, like the ex-ballet dancer that I am. I practically never come down off demi-pointe! And, since I can tell you like the look of my highly arched bare feet with their long toes, wrinkled soles and scarlet pedicure, I start telling you about what kind of neighbour I'd be. A very, VERY attentive one, who shares your foot fetish