Enslaved to Me



American / Houston
10:39 min - Oct 06 - .MOV - 773.27 MB


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Custom - no names used. "Dear Princess, I recently found your iwantclips page and I am hooked. Your beauty and domination are unmatched. I am powerless against your hum*liation, control, and ability to keep me on my knees beneath you. I am begging you for a custom foot worship video. If you would film with your feet and face visible, similar to my favorite video called "Turned to my cuck foot bitch". Tell me you own me, and that you will take any dignity I have and make me worship your feet. F*rce me to lick your feet and obey your commands. Please make me repeat phrases out loud, like "yes Princess", "I submit to you", or any others you choose. Put your foot in my mouth and tell me I am no longer allowed to jerk unless your Princess foot is in my mouth. Humil*ate me in any way you see fit. At the end, you have complete control over me as your new pet. Make me kiss your foot and beg to tribute you for this honor (in whatever amount you choose). Thank you Princess!&quot