Jessica Starling
Freebie Tuesday

Pantyhose Magic Choker Uncontrolled Cum

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A sexy blonde movie star wearing a sexy outfit topped off with shiny pantyhose and is on a talk show. She comes out to promote her new movie and sees that there is a bag on the couch that says it contains a gift. She thanks the staff for the gift and sees that it is a cute choker, which she puts on live on air. She starts to talk about her upcoming movie and she suddenly starts to get some horny urges. She tries to fight it, but she is getting more and more horny. She has no idea that the choker they gave her was one that has the ability to make her super horny. Now her pussy is on fire and she is all over the couch squirming in her shiny pantyhose. She presses her legs together and rubs the pantyhose material back and forth, which just gets her more horny. Soon she is on live television and full on rubbing her pantyhose covered crotch. She also starts to play with her big tits as the interview goes on. She seems to be lost in the fact that she is on live TV. After some more moving and struggling all over in her shiny pantyhose she does even more crotch rubbing. She then has an over the top uncontrollable orgasm and cums hard. She quickly realizes that she just had an orgasm on live television. With her pantyhose legs still spread-eagle she quickly recovers and is embarrassed. She had no idea the choker would make her horny so she excuses herself and thanks the hosts for having her exclaiming she is off to the greenroom to recover from her pantyhose orgasm and her embarrassment. Included in this clip: Pantyhose, Shiny Pantyhose, Masturbation, Choker, Talk Show, Movie Star, Interview, Uncontrollable Orgasm, Orgasms, Blonde in Pantyhose, Blondes