CUSTOM: No One Better Than Me

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I know what you want. I'm not going to give it to you. They say I'm the best they've ever had, and I agree. You're just so young...why would I ruin sex with others for you? You'd be with me and never find another girl that can work you just as fucking right as I did. You'd come running back to me, BEGGING me for more, but I'm done with you after tonight. We had a nice date - but you want too much from me. You know what I'll give you? I'll give you a look at my body. I didn't even intend on showing you that much - I'm wearing a damn plain bra and a dull colored thong, for Christ's sake. It should be an *honor* for you to look at me, for my permission to stroke to me. But that's all you get. I may not even let you finish