Edging 4x for Sir

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This is a fantastic debut video from Safyre. While edging videos are nothing new, there are a ton of little touches that Safyre adds which really make this stand out. She might have one of the best O/pleasure faces that I've seen in a long time, which makes for an amazing combination with her moans/yelps of pleasure, which come out like this adorable, sexy hiccups. And the way she counts out each time she edges is super adorable/sexy, especially with how she seems to be reassuring Sir that yes, this is the (insert number here) time she edged. All in all, this is a fantastic fist video and I'm definitely looking forward to more of Safyre's content!

I was a good girl and did as Sir told me! :D He told me to edge 4x using my vibe and my fingers... wanna see? c