Be my toilet slave son in Tamil

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Indian / USA
4,100 3.7
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BBwjoi Dec 6

I hope you make another video like this even dirtier and in English would definitely buy 😍

Winkle Kinks - Top reviewer Feb 13
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I love to experience the creativity of foreign fetish films & especially if they go through the trouble to include subtitles. Lily is very attractive & knows how to use her good looks for rousing seduction.This is mainly a HOT BODY WORSHIP video with a couple of other fetishes included. I appreciate the fetish angle & would love to see more!

helenisasissy Dec 20 2017
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More wonderful videos from Goddess Lily!

Yes, it's in Tamil but it's subtitled and as erotic and gorgeous as ever.

Goddess turns her son into her slave and makes him worship her feet, ass and pussy (all while talking incredibly dirty, even in the subtitles).

She informs the camera that you're going to be her personal toilet that will be both pissed and shit in. It's incredible!

At the end Goddess Lily pees in a bowl and on the floor, commanding you to drink it all. So ridiculously hot.

Buy it. Buy it. Buy it. :)

HornyLily Jan 5 2018

Thanks for such a descriptive review Helen. Thanks a lot sweety poo! :*

This Indian mother is outraged because of her irresponsible son and want punish him relentlessly. And what's the better punishment than making him, your toilet slave! She wants you to clean her very dirty feet and lick her pee. Worship her and she will be appeased! This video is in Tamil but has English subtitles throughout! Thanks