Taking Ownership


Bratty Jamie

American / us
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Request: Please wear sheer black nylons (stockings or pantyhose/No fishnets) and no shoes. Please also wear lingerie or something sexy. You come into my room and tell me that last night you teased and edged my father all night long, and that was his screaming and moaning I heard from his bedroom. My father is a very well educated civil rights activist, but to you he's just another nig^er. You saw him on TV talking about civil rights and decided to teach him a lesson. Nig^ers are weak and inferior and can't resist white women seducing them. He tried to resist your teasing but couldn't and you only agreed to make him cum in exchange for ownership of me, his very young son. He agreed and you laughed at him that he sold his son into slavery. I am now your ni^ger slave. You've always fantasized about owning a young ni^ger boy. You're going to make him watch as you touch and seduce me against my will since I'm your property now. You'll make him watch as you eventually fuck me with a strapon. Laugh at how you got him to betray his ideals and his son because he can't resist you. Make me stroke and call you master as I cum. Please show off your legs from the side and cross them occasionally