Get in My Tight Red Belly Vore


Lacy Luck

American / USA
15:13 min - Oct 05 - .MP4 - 877.73 MB


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Custom clip, no names are used so everyone can join the fun. The order: I came over for a "vore session" - and I got what I was asking for! You're wearing a tight shiny red mini dress showing off your beautiful curves and bright red lipstick- you are stunning in your shiny dress! You ask me to sit down and you tell me that I am now your vore slave - you begin to taunt me about how sexy your dress is - how the shiny material hugs and conforms to your sexy body. You begin to taunt me about swallowing me, you show me your mouth and your tongue... and POV lick my face slowly - asking me if I feel funny, do I like the way your mouth looks, feels, smells - especially your saliva and saliva strings- then I Shrink! You stand over me, looking down at me, licking your lips, patting your stomach... you pick me up then relax on a bed... you make me to walk up your legs onto your dress to your stomach... I can feel and see the wrinkles in your dress... you place me on your stomach and I can hear the contents inside sloshing about as you gently roll it... you ask me if I want to be in there... of course I Do!!!! You describe to see what its like in your stomach - please ad lib as you see fit - type of foods, how its tight and hot... how it smells etc. you pick me up, dangle me above your mouth and give me an up close mouth show as you describe what I'll experience in your mouth as you tease me - I'd love to see a view where you holding a small toy man up close in front of your mouth, licking his body, legs, arms - teasing him with some views of your whole body... rubbing your stomach etc. periodically taking him out, licking the saliva off... teasing about swallowing and what it'll be like to serve your stomach... you then swallow me... and the rest of the video, you lick your lips and fingers... and rub and pat your tummy through.. burping a few times... commenting on the taste... changing positions to show off your body looks amazing in your dress... and tease me by rubbing your stomach... you can role play and describe what its like for me to be in your stomach... how long I may last... I'm happy for you to ad lib as much as you see fit with your new vore slave prisoner