Momma's Muffin

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2,021 5.0
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arrow2ken Oct 25 2017

Mommie can take care of everything.   So sexy.    A must have in any collection

kfp1232000 Oct 5 2017

Love the foot jewelry.   So sexy Kitty!

bluebrezel - Top reviewer Jun 5
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5 stars for my favorite MV girl :)

maliciousjester - Top reviewer Oct 12 2017
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Kitty_Leroux is an amazing beauty, and this video is as equally great as the rest of her videos. Her roleplaying personality shines through each character and makes you feel a part of the scenario.

dorkknight - Top reviewer Oct 8 2017
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Fantastic video for sexy shots of Kitty's pretty pussy! All growing boys need home cookin', and nothing tastes better than momma's muffin. ;)

Let's go back to the 1950's and enjoy a fun roleplay. Your sweet stay-at-home mom comes to play with you because daddy is working late. She looks so beautiful in her pearls. Tonight, she doesn't want you teasing her and pulling out. Tonight, momma wants you to fill her muffin right up. Isn't the risk so sexy? Before you fill her up, momma stretches her pussy wide open as shoe shows off her pretty pained toes to you. Will you suck momma's toes? Lick her soles? Momma is gonna wrap her legs right around your back. Now you stop being such a good boy, and cum taste momma's muffin. It'd be so peachy keen if you filled it up for momma. Your momma is all the sweet you'll ever need. This clip includes: roleplay, toes, red nail polish, foot fetish, soles, big feet, toenail polish, retro dress, retro language, thick thighs, clit licking, POV, mommy, son, taboo, impregnation fantasty, raw pussy, bareback, huge tits, big ass