Freebie Tuesday

Seducing Brother with Mommy

1,379 5.0

Kailey Ketchum

American / California
1,379 5.0
17:27 min - Oct 06 - .MP4 - 698.66 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Shadow_ovo - Top reviewer Aug 11
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..............mindblown orgasm and the eye contact and facial expression plus the kissing mmmm fap fap fap

This was a custom vid done with Emma's Secret Life. =) My brother is a huge perv and loves seeing me and Mommy in our pretty dresses. Don't think we haven't noticed. We say the way my big brother looks at us. Despite his perviness though, my big brother is the best, and Mommy and I just want to make him happy! We put on the pretty dresses we know he loves to see us in, but they won't stay on for long. Mommy and I play with each other, kiss each other, play with each other's boobies, and even fuck each other with our toys! Who knew I would have so much in common with my Mom! We stuff our panties inside each other and fuck ourselves with them inside to get them nice and wet. We want my brother to be able to taste us. After we make each other cum, we take out our dirty panties and give them to my brother as a present. He really is such a good brother, and even though I love my beautiful Mom, I want it to be him next time