Mistress 3 the Orgasm Ruiner


Eden Alexander

American / San Francisco, CA
13:47 min - Oct 06 - .MP4 - 925.12 MB


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Secret agent and military general Mistress 3 has come to interrogate Her rubber gimp captive who has been held hostage for 2 days in Her military prison cell. Clad in a black and red latex military uniform with matching hat and arm band, Mistress 3 is as stunning as She is intimidating. Even after days of agonizing captivity and Torment, the rubber gimp refuses to give up the secret combination to his locker full of rubber gear and toys. Growing impatient with his subordination, the powerful Mistress 3 decides to take matters into Her own hands. Using a long and narrow rubber tube connected to a rubber latex hood, she constricts his breathing by inflating a gag within his mouth using a hand held pump. Blinded by the hood and terrified of what may come, the captive gimp still refuses to give up the combination, all the while making some delightfully frightening sounds inside of his hood. Mistress 3, however, is far from finished because the rubber gimp is not only shackled into a steel device in a seated position, but he has also been sitting on an inflatable butt plug this whole time! With a sinister grim, Mistress 3 teases and taunts Her captive by inflating the plug larger and larger until it's hard to tell if he's screaming in pain or in utter pleasure! But that's alright, because whenever the gimp gets too worked up and loud, Mistress 3 grabs the gag's pump and pumps it back up full of air again! Sensing Her captive is more of a foe than She originally thought, the ever adaptable and versatile Goddess General decides to switch tactics. Perhaps a bit of pleasure will work better than pain? Focusing now on his crotch, quite stimulated inside of a rubber cock and ball sheath, Mistress 3 tries to coax the rubber locker combination out of him with Her hand, then a hitachi. Pressing the vibrating wand up against his captive manhood, Mistress 3 playfully teases the rubber gimp as She uses his complete and total sensory deprivation to Her advantage. Nearly losing his mind, the rubber gimp almost breaks and cums several times as the Rubber General laughs wickedly like a true Villainess She is. Things are thrown for a loop, however, because just as the captive gimp thinks he's about to explode, Mistress 3 is called away to an emergency, leaving his orgasm completely ruined and all hope for escape lost. What will happen to the frustrated and rubber gimp next? To be continued