Principle Sullivan

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Margo Sullivan

American / Florida
615 5.0
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Principle Sullivan called a student into her office. He has been skipping class and being disrespectful to the teachers. She doesn't like what she is seeing out of him, and wants to set him on the right path. She demands that he take off his clothes. To get his cock hard, she strips in front of him. Once she is naked, she places her feet on his cock to get it nice and hard. She moves from stroking him with her feet to her hands, then begins to lick and suck his now throbbing cock. Shortly after he says that he is going to cum. She squeezes his cock hard and tells him to learn to control himself. While squeezing, she tells him that he needs to be responsible and always wear a condom. She reaches over and grabs one off of her desk and places it on his cock. She begins to stroke his cock and makes him cum into the condom. After pulling the condom off of him, she inspects his load. Says it smells good, feels good, the proceeds to pour the contents of the condom down her throat