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Breast pumped almost broke the pump - HD

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15:36 min - Oct 05 - .MP4 - 1.14 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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cajun38 - Top reviewer Dec 1 2017
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A must buy great job on pumping

HD 1080p 60fps Video - Being a huge breasted milky momma with a insane supply isn't always easy. I *thought* I was sitting down to do a normal easy pumping session for one of my extra special sweeties, little did I know what trouble awaited me. I started off normally, rubbing my swollen, engorged morning titties, letting my nipples pop out of my nursing tank top. It wasn't until I started pumping. I was so full that it didn't take long for large gushes of milk to start pouring out into the flanges. It only took a second, me titling forward and releasing a kink in the the tubing. BAM! A huge gush of milk was sucked into my tubing! You can see me trying to stay calm and fix it before the milk hits the motor BUT.. of course as I lean away both breasts are autodripping and spraying and getting milk everywhere!! I have no choice but to go on. You can see the milk just autodripping into the cups as I struggle to explain what is happening (shock!) and fix the milk/tubing situation. In the end I get it resolved and finish the pumping. In the end you can see just how much milk I pumped as I pack it up and it get it ready for shipping to an extra special sweetie. key words breast pump front view let down milk spraying milk wet sounds solo