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HD 1080p Video (30fps) - Have you been good boy? Mommy Sally wants to know. She's all dressed up in her sexy lingerie and ready to share her giant milky tits and sweet creamy milk. she just needs to know that you've behaved yourself. Try and stay focused as she rubs and massages her breasts and play with her huge nipples. Since you've used your manners mommy takes her giant boobs out all the way. She moans with pleasure as she squirts and sprays her yummy milk for you. It feels so good squeezing and rubbing her nipples, spraying her milk for you. Do you want to suck on those glorious milky nipples? Mommy sally wants that too. She tells you all about it as she keeps rubbing, massaging, playing with her nipples, and squeezing out her milk. She loves letting her good boy swallow all her milk. So, have you been a good boy? key words: solo tit massage talking squirting milk spraying milk nipple pop nails lingerie huge boobs front view close up Mommy Play