Wet Hot Tub Belly Worship Luna and Reya



American / Atlanta
12:47 min - Oct 05 - .MP4 - 1.03 GB - 1280x720 HD


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Luna Lain and Reya Fet enjoy some nice, relaxing hot tub time. They notice each other's wet bellies in bikinis and become turned on. Reya loves the way Luna's stomach glistens with water on it and wants to lick and worship it. Luna is happy to oblige and hops up onto the side of the tub. Reya gets down on her knees and kisses and licks Luna's sexy belly, softly giving Luna a bellygasm! Oh my gosh, it feels so good to have Reya's tongue sliding up and down the length of her abs. Reya gets soo into it, too, admiring and worshipping in every way she can think of. Then the girls switch places and Luna worships Reya's wet belly as Reya sits on the side of the tub. This video is a MUST for anyone who likes girl on girl belly worshipping and hot, wet tummies