Waking Up Vika with Tickling



American / Atlanta
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Russian beauty Vika is napping over at Reya Fet's place and gets woken up by the devious Reya with what other than tickling! Vika haates being tickled because she is so ticklish and OF COURSE her friend, Reya, knew that! (Did you see the last video??) Reya sneaks into the room Vika is in and peels back the covers and starts tickling her beautiful resting friend. It takes Vika a second or two to wake up and realize what's happening, but when she does she pretty quickly jumps on top of Reya and easily overpowers her! A bit of a tickle fight ensues with each girl holding the other down (or in Reya's case, attempting) and tickling stomachs, sides, underarms, feet, bellies and, of course, Vikas' SUPER ticklish belly button