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Stuffing My Diaper Full Of Diapers



American / PNW
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I'm wearing a very soggy diaper! My diaper is filled to the brim with my pee. It's time to take the trash out. My trash is full of wet and messy diapers! It's starting to stink! I grab the bag of dirty diapers and head outside to the dumpster. But on my way the bag breaks! All the the nasty, stinky diapers fall all over my floor! I don't have anymore trash bags so I take all of the wet and messy diapers and stuff them into my diaper! It feels so good having my diaper full of smelly, messy diapers! I try to go about my day but I'm so turned on! I grab my hitachi and start to masturbate! It feels so good to be wearing a diaper full of other diapers! I feel so stuffed and full. The smell is horrible but it turns me on even more! I grab a dirty diaper and sniff it while I masturbate until I cum! Enjoy