Mommy Reya Invites Aunties to Meet Baby



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Aw, he's waking up! Good morning, baby! I've invited your Aunties Dakota Charms and Alora Jaymes to meet you. They are so happy to see you! Aww, look at those chubby cheeks and those wide eyes. You are such a happy baby! We have some toys here to show you and play with, would you like that? Aww, what's that face, is somebody grumpy? What's wrong with baby? Do you need to be fed? Do you need to be changed? Maybe Mommy needs to hold you and rock you. Would you like that, Mr. Grumpy pants? Hehe, he's soo cute, isn't he? Alora has big boobs and wants to know what it feels like to feed a B*** so she knows how to do it when she has one of her own one day. Would you like to show her how it's done? Aww, that makes baby soo happy! Good boy! Now Mommy will actually feed you and burp you. Does that taste good, feeding from Mommy? Dakota has a new toy for you, a pretty girl. Do you like her? You can play with her anytime you want. Awwww somebody made a stinky. Does somebody need his Nappy changed? It's okay, Mommy and Aunties will take good care of you, my beautiful boy! Okay, let's take that stinky Nappy off and get you a nice, fresh one. Does that feel better? Do you like that baby powder? You are my good baby boy, aren't you? Yes, you are