Vika the Babysitter is Imposed to Strip



American / Atlanta
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Beautiful Vika is at a new babysitting job and is being briefed by the father of the boy she's going to be watching. He has some interesting things to say about his son, how they have taken on a rather unique parenting style. He is to get whatever he wants. If she doesn't feel like she can obey these rules, she will be immediately fired. Vika needs this job very badly, so she reluctantly agrees. What else can she do? Now Vika is with the boy and telling him how excited she is to get to spend some time with him. She asks him what he wants to do today and he whines that he wants to play video games. Vika remembers that his father said that he is supposed to do his homework before anything else, but he refuses. Vika tries negotiating, but the brat tells her that she has to do his homework for him to which Vika smiles and tells him that that would be cheating. She offers to help him, but he informs her that his dad said that it's her job to do his homework and also to clean up after him. This both frustrates and worries Vika because she isn't sure what his dad actually said that she was supposed to do. She admits that she really needs this job to pay for her school books and since it's going to be a regular thing, it's going to help her out alot. The boy doesn't care; he tells her that she has to clean his bathroom or he'll call his father and tell him Vika's being mean to him. A baffled Vika tells him that that's unfair and not to do that, but he starts to anyway, so she gives up and starts cleaning. Little does she know, the boy has more in store for her. Knowing his power over her, he tells her that he's never seen a girl naked and he'd like to see her. She laughs, he MUST be joking. Vika explains that one day he will get to experience that, but not for a long time and that's only something grownups do. He tells her that she's a grownup and he wants her to take her top off or he'll call his mom. Vika sternly tells him that his mother will never believe that she's doing anything wrong and that he won't get anywhere in life by being a liar. The boy says he knows that she messed up her last job by having boys over and that he knows how much she needs this job. Vika admits that she REALLY does because this might be her last shot; she's ruined all her references due to the mistakes she's made in the past. So, the boy reminds her, she has to do everything he says or she'll never work in this neighborhood again. Vika knows she's been beaten and although she REALLY doesn't want to do it, she takes off her shirt. As soon as she does it, she regrets it. But then the boy says that he'll reward her by telling his dad how great she is. He may even be able to get her a raise. But she has to keep going. He wonders why she has something on UNDER her shirt and she explains that it's a bra. He tells her to take it off. She very reluctantly does because she NEEDS this job to work out! He keeps coercing her in this fashion until she is completely naked. But that isn't enough! He needs his sexy babysitter to sit down and spread her legs for him. Vika is very against this, but realizes if she doesn't, he could tell his dad that she got naked and she could get in REAL trouble, maybe even with the law! Basically, she's been completely beaten. She sits down and spreads her legs and the excited boy tells her to open it, too. She sighs and reaches down and spreads her pussy for him. When she gets dressed again, he reminds her that they have to do this and maybe more each time she comes over or she'll lose her job. Vika agrees because she knows there's nothing she can do about it