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Kitty's New Toy

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7,592 5.0
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I would love to fuck that pussy

Hotguy_86 - Top reviewer Mar 22
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Allyson looks cute dressed up as a Kitty and it was a nice Pleasure watching her having Fun with herself until she got a nice Orgasm :) * Fun Fact was the Butt Plug popping out of her Butt *

Lightning Rod - Top reviewer Mar 21
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Allyson looks so young and adorable with her kitty ears on and makes plenty of noise while she pleasures herself! Foot fans will enjoy her feet shown prominently through the entire clip! A simple short clip that is not to be underestimated in the sexiness that it achieves!!!

KittyTease deleted - Top reviewer Mar 20
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I love pet play! <3

ChromeLoLTw - Top reviewer May 29
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ENG REVIEW: I love being able to see her perfect legs and feet while she masturbates with the pink dildo. The moaning during the scene is pretty sensual, and the cat ears are really cute, she is really beautiful and sexy. The only bad thing is the duration, everything else is perfect!

ESP REVIEW: Me encanta ser capaz de ver sus perfectas piernas y pies mientras se masturba con el consolador rosa. Los jadeos durante la escena son muy sensuales, y las orejitas de gato son realmente bonitas, está realmente guapa y sexy. La única cosa mala es la duración, todo lo demás es perfecto!

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She uses Nora to get herself off!!!

Badlander - Top reviewer Apr 29
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Nice video, short and sweet.

With the cat's ears and tail prominently featured, we get a great look that's nicely enhanced by some superb facial expressions through the scene.

The sound is another plus, both the moaning and the constant buzzing of the vibrator providing good background noise to the action.

The action itself moves along smoothly picking up pace and intensity nicely, with the seemingly accidental popping of the butt plug giving the video a good ending.

Overall, fun video, good for a quick fix.

veskeyw - Top reviewer Mar 23
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Even if there was no video just the sounds she makes would be enough! Cute, sexy and all round HOT!

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A very sexy kitty playing with her kitty!

Ryumoau - Top reviewer Mar 20
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Amazing video. I loved watching you use that toy while your beautiful bare feet were also in view. :D

Wetstephanie - Top reviewer Mar 20
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meow, meow. lovely girl hot video

Buford Tannen - Top reviewer Mar 20
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A really gorgeous and sexy Kitty!!!

Jpupper - Top reviewer Mar 20
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A very sexy kitty showing off just how wonderful her new toy is. Very enjoyable.

Marck1022 - Top reviewer Mar 20
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Amazing relly amazing mmm

Shanno85 - Top reviewer Mar 20
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Beautiful girl putting on a sexy show. Great vid.

xhunter Mar 20
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Cute kitty ears. Sweet face, gorgeous legs, feet and pussy! Sweet moans

Arikajira - Top reviewer Mar 20
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Awesome video, well done xx

Kitty using nora