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3,911 4.8
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hey OJ, do you show your sweaty butthole in the vid? before showering? lol ty

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Great video. Love the intimate view.

TANK76 Feb 12
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Outstanding woman with a great body.

P Jester - Top reviewer Jan 17
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Legendary Officer Jane getting ready for her Patrol Shift. Super Hot.

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Officer Jane is gorgeous! I love being a voyeur while a beautiful woman goes about her daily activities. The only problem is when you have a body as spectacular as Officer Jane's, simple activities such as getting ready for work turn into an erotic work-out!

bhopkins Dec 31
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The erotic premise of this video is simple but powerful. By filming herself changing and showering in the locker room, Officer Jane allows us to imagine, what if we had such a desire for her that we were willing to take the dangerous risk not only of peeping on a police officer, but of doing it in the police station itself! It is an ingenious way of telling us without words, "I know you want me, and you'll put yourself at crazy risk just for a look." And Officer Jane's body definitely makes it worth it. If you buy this video, you'll be really glad you got such an eyeful, especially if you are a breast fetishist.

Just finished an intense workout at the gym and I’m all sweaty. Watch me undress slowly and peel my stinky, wet clothes. Spy on my soapy, sudsy shower while I get squeaky clean & wash all my naughty bits. You won’t want to miss me putting on my lotion & undercover gear before I head out on patrol! Enjoy the complete voyeur experience as I change, shower and get ready to go on duty