Bound Orgasms 2


Cazzy Kush

American / USA
13:03 min - Oct 07 - .MP4 - 445.45 MB


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Go play in a sex cabin they said, it will be fun they said! My Guys and I love to play orgasm games! It was my turn and this time I was to be bound up to a chair with my Hitachi set to full blast and directly on my clit with my tits tied up, sounds great right? The rule to this game was to see how many times I can cum in under 13 minutes without making a sound. I figured I could do this no problem but after my first 3 orgasms it became much, much harder to keep quiet as my Hitachi roared on giving me so many orgasms just squirting out of my throbbing pussy. After 4 minutes of this it began to seem to me like 13 minutes was a lifetime but in such a good way. See how many orgasms and squirts you can count me having in under 13 minutes. 2017 Panther Productions Entertainment