Mirror Riding

794 5.0

Alexis Rose

Canadian / Canada
794 5.0
5:41 min - Oct 06 - .MOV - 605.56 MB


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Startingallover deleted - Top reviewer Jan 25
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Alexis, you ride this fantastically!!! This was a great idea!

dutchlongarm deleted - Top reviewer Dec 29
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First vid i have seen you wearing make up. Nicely accentuates your features. You don't need it, but it did look nice. Love how you look in gym wear. Really sexy how wide you spread your legs to straddle it. Can hear from your breathing it is a little bigger than you expected it to be. Nice hip action as you ride. Really hot how you were really trying to go all the way down on it. Way to lick it clean when finished.

Scansin Nov 19
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This gorgeous woman is pure and sexual dynamite. She experiences some good penetration here. Check this out now.

I got back from the gym, horny, and I had a brilliant idea to stick my toy to a mirror and ride it. I got a new dildo today but realized once I tried it out that it was almost too much for me to take