Super Sonico Oily Tease and Ride

338 5.0

Jalisa Elite

American / Hell
338 5.0
10:19 min - Oct 06 - .MP4 - 785.96 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Definitely enjoy this jalisa elita super sonico will not disappoint 😍

Darkshinn - Top reviewer Aug 20
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This is a dream come true I seen the super sonico anime and she definitely pulls off the look what kind of beautiful BBW body big breasts and huge ass she gives a lot of energy to this I recommended five stars

kuroji4992 Oct 16 2017
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Very creative I loved the cosplay aspect of Jalisa's vids. I loved watchin her bounce that juicy chocolate ass.

Manman10 Oct 13 2017
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More delicious curves in a super tiny bikini, this video definitely combines the peak of Miss Elites artistic style, on top of that, she displays the most epic riding skills you'll ever see. The way her thick ass was bouncing had me mesmerized. This is a must buy!

Your anime dream girl here to tease you to oblivion. Starting off showing my soft curves in this tiny white bikini with flirty smiles and sensual eye contact things progress and become much lewder. Shaking and bouncing my big anime titties out of my bikini I just have to cover them in oil.. And once I get started with the oil I just can't stop myself from shaking my big round ass and covering it in oil as well. Once I'm sufficiently lubed up I ride my toy giving you the best view of my big round jiggly backside