American / Seattle
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This custom video has a lot going on, from bondage to cow BJ's and sharp knives to your throat. Are you ready for this? How does it feel to be tied up? Not so good? Doesn't matter. But you better stay on your knees and don't move until Sydney tells you to. You do understand that eventually you will have to talk. Since you kid.napped Sydney's friend, she'll do whatever it takes to make you talk. You're very perceptive, this is indeed a barn, and yes, there are cows around. And if you don't give Sydney what you want, there will be a price to pay. First your pants are coming off and there's nothing you can do about that. Then she brings out an actual cow? WTF? Surely this is a joke. The cow thinks your dick is mommy cow's tit???? Surely this is the most peculiar blow job you've ever had in your life!?!? Will this finally make you talk? Just when you think the tor.ture is over, Sydney shows back up with a huge knife. What is she going to do with that? Two quick slashes and you're down to the ground. There is no one to save you know