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Get all three amazing training for my son videos! Becoming My Son's Hucow Mommy is working hard to become your lactating cow, son! I pump my big tits every day for you. I'm producing so much milk. I want to be your cow. Whenever you need milk for your coffee or cereal you can grab my big, milk filled udders an squeeze my milk into your cup or bowl. I'm here to serve you and make your life better. Let me be your hucow, son. Watch my big tits swell with milk. They get so swollen and sore when they are full. But only you can pump the milk out, son. I'm yours, your milk cow! My Son's Doggie Whore Son, I want to be your whore. I know you're not here to train me into a nasty three hole whore. So I've been training myself. I stretch my holes and fuck anything that moves! Even the family doggie! I know it's so fucked up, son! But I want to be your whore so bad that I've been practicing with the doggie. I love when the doggie uses all three of my holes! I've become the doggie's bitch! Just like I crave to be your bitch, son! Son's Horsey Whore! I'm training myself to become my son's three holes slut! I want to become his ultimate fantasy! To do that I've been stretching my holes and letting my bush grow! I've been pumping my tits so they are full of milk! I've even been fucking the family doggie (dildo)! What my son really wants is for me to fuck the neighbor's horsey! I want that too! I can just imagine how full I will be! Think about that huge cock ripping my asshole apart! I want it more than anything in the world! But I'm not there yet. I have to train my hole and get it ready for the neighbors horsey! I got this horsey dildo to start practicing. I know it's not as big as a real horsey's cock but it is shaped just like one! It's so nasty to think about a real horsey fucking my asshole as I ride this taboo dildo! Enjoy