Scissorhold Face Sitting POV Reg View

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A guy is resting on his bed when in sneaks a blonde hottie who is naked except for a pair of socks. She immediately gets up on the bed and rouses the guy by sitting on his face. She laughs and giggles as he starts to struggle, but she does not let up on the face sitting action. After a bit more face sitting, she decides to have even more fun with him and she put him in a headscissors scissorhold move. The view goes to her POV and his face is wedged in between her powerful thighs as she squeezes and squeezes. The harder she goes, the redder his face turns, a fact that she makes fun of. The view stays in her POV as she then shifts back to some face sitting. She engulfs his whole face and as he struggles she rubs her pussy and asshole all over his face, loving how it feels. Again she makes fun of him the entire time this is going on. She then decides to go back to the scissorhold moves and gets him in a reverse headscissors scissorhold move. The view then shift back to normal and she applies the Figure Four Leg Headlock to him. His face is now as red as an apple and his struggling is getting weaker and weaker. She turns him to the side as she applies the reverse headscissors scissorhold and then goes back to being on top of him. With one final burst of squeezing strength the naked hottie holds tight until he drops, seemingly out for the count. She laughs at this and again makes fun of him for what he just let a girl do to him. She then exits and leaves him there the emasculated mess that he now is thanks to her scissorhold and face sitting techniques. Included in this clip: Scissorhold, Face Sitting, POV, Emasculating, Socks, Big Tits, Struggling, Emasculating, Figure Four Leg Headlock, Reverse Headscissors Scissorhold, Headscissors, Short Hair, Blondes