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The Prisoner Exchange - Part 1

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Hello, nice to meet you! I’m Dr Dommelia, your psychiatrist. I understand that you’re a fairly well-known author who is struggling with writer’s block. Well, you’ve come to the right place, I’ve a range of treatments which I can offer you, you’re certainly in safe hands with me. I want to begin with an aromatherapy treatment, so I want you to inhale these aromatherapy oils. Breathe them in deeply and let the effects consume you. I want to use some mesmerising techniques and implement trigger words into your mind. Focus on me, keep your eyes locked onto my legs as I cross and uncross my legs. As your eyes move from side to side, your brain begins to soften as you enter into a dream. A dream in which you have left your previous self and former identity behind. A dream in which I’m so much more than just your psychiatrist. You feel yourself floating away as my voice soothes and relaxes you and everything starts to become so much clearer in your mind. You’re suffering an identity crisis. You haven’t even realised it yourself, but I know who you truly are. Let me enlighten you…

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