Different kind of therapy - week 6



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24:58 min - Oct 07 - .MP4 - 1.87 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Your life is chaotic when I am not in it,when you don't feel my presence. You got addicted to my power and crave my presence in your daily thoughts. You sit and get all comfy. The environment I created for you is so relaxing. I begin to swing my shiny pendant and guide you towards complete relaxation. Before I get you entranced and powerless I make sure you understand the theme of this session. You will imagine a happy life and your thoughts will become reality after our session has ended. You lose yourself in the movement of my pendant and voice and the moment I snap my fingers and say the trigger words you are at my command. I command you to unzip and release the only hard part of your body: your cock. I guide you and allow you to edge while I implant the idea of happiness deep into your subconscious. After I allow you to cum and snap my fingers you wake up and leave happy and content as always. But this time the feeling of happiness will stay with you, day after day because giving up power and control makes you happy.Even though I am not there you feel my presence in your day to day routine and that makes you happy and content