Dirty Lake Feet


Cazzy Kush

American / USA
9:52 min - Oct 08 - .MP4 - 333.07 MB


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What a lucky foot slut you are, you get to worship my dirty feet right down at my lake on my dock but I warm you, others may see your dirty foot face as I command you to eat and lick all of the nasty sand, slime, and drit off of my perfect feet. Kneel down in front of me, watch as I stick my clean beautiful feet in this gross water bottom then drag you to my dock so you can get all the way down and clean my feet using ONLY your tongue! Don't worry I will make sure you leave here with a very messy/muddy face and sand between your teeth, did I forget to tell you that sand is the hardest thing to get out of small spaces, it could take you years muahahahaaa! 2017 Panther Productions Entertainment