Go Play with Your Balloon


Lacy Luck

American / USA
9:55 min - Oct 06 - .MP4 - 564.34 MB


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Custom clip, no names are used so everyone can join the fun. The order: I walk in your bedroom, similar to last time and again, you very pleasantly tell me I'm not allowed in there, because daddy would be home soon and since daddy has moved in I'm not allowed to see mommy with her clothes off or be in the bedroom with her alone. (So again, very sweet and gentle just like the last video, not explicit language) So then you would say something like you want to play a game with mommy, then maybe come close and pat me where my penis would be and say something like "awww is your tiny little teeny weeny doing ok tucked in your diapers? looks like you're trying to be naughty, you know mommy is gonna be spending time with daddy... are you hungry? you want your ba-ba? no?.. why don't you go to your room and play with your toys... you want a balloon? (again repeating that in spite of the hissy fit i'm throwing, not getting upset just repeating it in different ways like in the last video) ... at which point i'd be upset throwing a hissy fit that I don't want to be treated like a baby, I want sex... but as if you're not hearing any of what i'm saying... you just repeat yourself... you want a balloon? let me blow you up a balloon... as though you're trying to distract a little kid... as it blows up similarly, you punch it back and forth at me and again sweetly and kindly tell me that i got to go back to my room... then when you hand me the balloon you can say something like you need a playmate... daddy thinks we should get you a new little brother or sister... again, as though i'm saying no... you just repeat yourself and say something like... don't you want to play with balloons with a little baby brother or sister? ...and finish with something like well, you're gonna have to wait and see, as you tell me to get out of the room. Wear a long dress, very mommy like if possible plz