Freebie Tuesday

More Holiday Binge Eating


Penny Lee

British / Brighton
5:07 min - Oct 06 - .MP4 - 112.77 MB


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Penny Lee has been away again! So she has been really been eating lots and lots...this time even more as she has been to Spain for a wedding. Perfect chance for this blonde little chubby model to stuff her face with all the things she shouldn't. Even while she is at the airport she cannot help but to start her trip with a nice large meal.. what else are you meant to do at the airport? This is only the beginning, Penny runs through her diary of all of her over eating on her few days away. How on earth does she eat this much? God knows how many calories she consumed... some pounds have definetly been put on during this trip. Look how lovely and plump she looks as she lays there completely naked discuss her bad eating with you showing off all her curves especially her belly