smoke fetish

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BBW Smoking, Smoking Fetish She comes rolling right off the tip of my tongue so easy She'll be the first damn thing I want when I start drinking I'm breathing her in, breathing her out Once I pick her up I can't put her down She's smoke I pull her in nice and slow She's a habit and I can't let go Blowing rings around my heart The one she stole Watching her sway and go It's killllling me and I know Can't stop her once you start She's smoke She'll go floating around like a downtown ballroom gypsy She goes great with ice cold beer or a shot of whiskey Put one in my hand, her on my lips Man, that's as good as it gets #Goddess Smoking, #smoke joi, #Smoke Rings, #Smoke Slave, #Smoke Worship, #Smoking, #Smoking Cumshot, #Smoking fantasy, #smoking sex