Teagan & Caleb in Bed - Part 2

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Chicago, Illinois USA
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Caleb is one of the hottest guys!!!
What a fucking hot body!! and his super hard dick. It s such a pleasure to watch him fucking!! He absolutely knows what's to do.

Is there more of Caleb coming? Some solo video? Oiling up his dick n body? Flexing/muscle video... would be great.

Teagan and Caleb are really into each other! As "friends with benefits" living in different parts of the country, they hadn't seen each other in months before we brought them together in Miami for the shoot. We didn't allow any penetration during the first day of shooting--even going so far as to keep them apart in separate, chaperoned hotel rooms overnight. By the afternoon of the second day, they were down to fuck! In fact, they fucked all afternoon! We couldn't get them to stop! We got so much good footage that we had to break it up into two video clips: Teagan & Caleb in Bed - Parts 1 & 2. In Part 1, the action is intense, with Caleb working up a major sweat. He makes Teagan cum, then keeps on fucking, delaying his own gratification until he is so fatigued that he collapses on the bed and asks us for a break. The "break" was short, as the pair could not wait to get back at it! Part 2 is more intimate and tender than Part 1, but no less infused with the electrifying chemistry shared by these highly compatible lovers. Always a gentleman, Caleb continues to focus on Teagan's pleasure throughout Part 2, until he finally cums on her beautiful body and celebrates the moment with a tender kiss. ***See our curated collection of erotica for couples at ourcabana.com/watch